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Yiyuan service concept:

The enterprise survival of the soil is the user

Product quality is the life, credibility is the fundamental business, not the standard of qualified products, customer satisfaction is the purpose of. Marketing is not a "sell" but to "buy", through the sale of products establish links of product reputation, "buy in" to the user a loyal heart.

We firmly believe that, the benefits of the service is not only the immediate benefits, but that win customers long-term trust. But to win the long-term trust, we must first establish the "user is always right" concept, do the heart and the heart of the "zero distance" service.

The enterprise eternal assets refer to those loyal to the enterprise brand customers, who have more loyalty customers, who have more assets.

Yiyuan competition concept:

Core competence is to obtain customer and user resource abilities, as long as competitors than the advanced "chip and a half", as long as it maintains a level higher than that of competitors, will hold the initiative in the market.

Yiyuan believe users complain that the best gift

Users complained about the content of our work is to improve the direction; if can timely eliminate these complaints, is a real increase of enterprise assets.

Customer satisfaction is Yiyuan people work standards, not on the user said "no.".

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